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Hey-ho-heedle, I’m gonna be running Maid RPG on the INTERNET, free of charge and Roleplaying Included*. It’ll either be in IRC or skype with some kind of automated dice-rolling contraption.

It’s a super light and fun RPG, good for beginners, and it’ll be SUPER anime and fun and cool and cute and funny and adjectives. I’ve already got some ideas for the story brewing up in my head, so it promises to be pretty awesome. I’ll run through rolling up characters with you, don’t worry about having to do that beforehand; you should be going into this with a clean slate and ready for some Zany Antics to occur. Keep in mind that even though it’s a light and humorous game you should take it at least a little seriously and roleplay a bit, otherwise it won’t be fun!

The summary, if you don’t care to read the website, is that all the players are maids in the Master’s mansion. They serve him in the regular anime maid style (some of them perhaps a little more uniquely than others), but then wacky hijinks befall the beloved master! Aliens, yakuza, demons, oh my! The system is VERY light and easy to learn, so don’t worry about being bogged down with complex rules. It’ll be fun! I promise!!

Keep in mind that because it needs to be real-time in order to attempt to replicate the effect of tabletop roleplaying, you’ll need to be available in the latter half of the day, Pacific Standard Time. Depending on people’s availability, the day is pretty variable, and my schedule is PRETTY flexible, but I do have work, so I can’t just run it whenever. Games will need to be agreed upon by everyone beforehand.

I’m about ready to start running the game and getting a good feel for it, but I don’t want to do that until we have at least four players. If you’re interested, reblog this or drop me an ask and i’ll put you on this here list!

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2. pride-kun

3. miki-hime




*Game sold separately.